KC shooter known to St. Louis Jewish organization

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CHESTERFIELD, MO (KTVI) – The suspect in the Kansas City shooting is well known to an organization in St. Louis that keeps a close watch on hate groups.

News11`s Roche madden is live in Chesterfield with more on the man and reaction from local Jews.

Area synagogues and temples like this one are stepping up security for Passover.

Tuesday night’s big seder dinner is planned, so they are bringing in off duty cops just to make sure people feel safe.

The shooting suspect white supremacist Frazier Glenn Miller has been followed by the St. Louis Anti Defamation League for Decades.  He`s known for his years of hate.  There is no surprise at the A.D.L. that Miller is in jail.

Karen Aroesty says: A violent white supremacist with a spectacularly virulent hater of Jews would drive to a Jewish comity and attempt to kill Jews no, no surprise there.

She said fellow haters even hated Miller, because he once helped the feds in a case; so Miller could get a lighter prison sentence.

Local Jews shopping for Passover at Kohn`s Deli called the incident terrible.

In Chesterfield there is a large Jewish population, so police say they are stepping up patrols around temples and Jewish organizations.  Police here have talked to the FBI and don`t know of any threats locally, but they want to make sure citizens here feel secure.

So what’s the solution to all the hate, the experts say reach out to others, get to know people out of your own comfort zone.  Building bridges and build a stronger community, they say will push the haters to the margin of society and give them less power.

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