Outrage after student’s nose broken by sucker-punch

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ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI) - It's been a rough week for Ariel Kilpatrick. The 8th grader says last Thursday a male classmate at Mason -Clark Middle School attacked her during a morning gym class and did major damage to her face.

"He just came up and hit me out of nowhere I was just sitting in my seat talking to my friend he just walked up and hit me in my face." Said Kilpatrick

Her mother Annette Eatmond says not only does her daughter have a broken nose, she has a broken spirit when comes to going back to school. It's a hard pill to swallow because Ariel is a straight "A" student. She says the school district also mishandled the situation.

"I'm a parent I can't take my child to school, they are supposed to be protecting my child and why would I not be upset for her to have a broken nose. They let her sit there in the office with no ice pack until I got there. They don't have a nurse in the school system that`s what she said and I don't understand why if we are paying taxes for protection and the other stuff why don't you have nurses." said Eatmond.

FOX 2 contacted officials at District 189 who released the following statement saying in part: A student who would hit another student in the face would be suspended pending a completed investigation and disciplinary hearing. District 189 will take immediate action to protect students and prevent injury.

It could take months for Ariel to heal. But, in the meantime, her mother says more should be done to give students the tools to make better decisions in the future.
"They should put somebody in there to counsel and talk to the kids to see what`s going on with them." She said.
The family plans to move out of the district by the end of the summer.
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