Displaced St. Ann fire victims still waiting to go home

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ST. ANN, MO (KTVI) – It`s been another frustrating day for residents of the Santa Ana Apartments. Many say they don`t understand why building managers have not met with them at the Super 8 Motel in Bridgeton. The mayor of St. Ann says he has their back. He wants to get them home before the end of this week.

It`s a dreary dismal day at the Santa Ana apartments just blocks from St. Ann City Hall. Inside the lobby you can see signs of progress. Electricians have worked their way down from the tenth floor, checking wiring and making repairs after the sprinkler system doused a kitchen fire. It flooded about a third of the apartments on March 28th.

"My frustration is the lack of communication the management has had with the tenants and they are not letting us know anything about it." said displaced resident Byron Nichols.

Mayor Michael Corcoran says he has been returning phone calls from tenants to reassure them.

"Health wise the facility is going to be clean, there will be nothing in the air, nothing will be airborne. Asbestos, mold or anything like that the air has been tested. Once the electricians sign off, our inspectors sign off they`ll be able to start going back into their homes." said ST. Ann Mayor Michael Corcoran.

Corcoran expects it will be at least another day before the city completes its inspections.

"It`s frustrating for them you do have to sympathize but we are doing everything we can as fast as we can." said Mayor Corcoran.

Notices from the St. Louis County Housing Authority that they`ve stopped paying section 8 rent subsidies for eight tenants is another frustration. But, we're told they can return to Santa Ana once the building passes inspections.

'I have no choice I have to go back I have no choice, but I feel as though the people that own the building should be feeding us, not these other organizations." said displaced resident Phil Luffman.

The Texas firm that owns the apartments has been paying the hotel bill here for the majority of homeless tenants. Monday and Tuesday, the Red Cross will be back providing meals, but the charity hopes to get reimbursed eventually.