University City cleaning up after Thursday’s tornado

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UNIVERSITY CITY, MO (KPLR) - University City residents hit by the tornado Thursday spent their Saturday cleaning up and scheduling repair crews and visits from insurance adjusters.  Uprooted trees and roofing shingles still line the streets west of Ruth Park.

By Saturday afternoon two dumpsters near Spoon Drive and McKnight were crammed full of branches, splintered wood and twisted metal siding.  Mounds of broken patio furniture and household debris covered sidewalks in the neighborhood.

Ameren and Laclede Gas crews spent the day in the area working to help restore utility service to families who had lost power during the storm.  Some property owners were already lining up contractors to make repairs.  Others faced homes so badly damaged they will have to be torn down and rebuilt.

“Right now the top priority is just getting everything cleaned up so that when the repair guys come on Monday they can start working,” said Aja Colquitt as she carted a trash can full of debris to a dumpster on McKnight.

U-City police remained on duty at entrances to storm damaged subdivisions checking identification to be sure resident’s belongings remained safe.

Sandra Calvo O’Neal from Olivette joined a friend in the area to help clean up in Ruth Park.  The two women brought their children who were eager to complete a “good deed” after participating in a Go St. Louis event designed to get kids exercising and volunteering.

The University City web site urged residents hit by the tornado to call 314-505-8540 if they needed assistance.

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