Comic Con In St. Louis this weekend

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ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI)-- Who better to help us comprehend Comic-Con than the wizard of Wizard World himself?

"We'll give the fans a great show," says John Macaluso, the Wizard World CEO.  "We have 100's of vendors on the floor and 100's of artists on the floor and creators on the floor."

Like Greg Horn who's been through both the DC Comics and Marvel universe.

"I just did two covers for the return of Peter Parker," says illustrator Greg Horn.  "It's going to be Amazing Spiderman number one."

Horn is one of the many that comic book fans will flock to see this weekend inside the Edward Jones Dome.

"You know, you add more personality to the art by meeting them in person," says Horn.

No one knows that better than Neal Adams, a man who's been putting Batman, Superman and more through the ringer for years.

"The circus has come to town," says illustrator Neal Adams.  "I don't know how to describe it.  It's just where ever we go 20,000 or 30,000 people come."

If Friday's opening at 3 pm is any indication, the Dome and America's Center will look like a comic book come to life.

"I've had my multitude of Batmans and Green Arrow and Green Lanterns," says Adams.  "It never seems to me that anybody has nailed it."

But try they will to dress as their favorite super villains, heroes and hulks.

"Like myself when I was young," says Lou Ferrigno.  "I'd have given anything to come to something like this.  I probably wouldn't sleep for a month before."

No one would sleep for a month before if they knew they would come face to face with their favorites.

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