What’s wrong with this picture?

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ROXANA, IL (KTVI)-- A Metro East couple is wondering if People Magazine has something against people who own guns.

One day last summer, when Bob Farris' wife Sandra came home from church looking especially fetching, Bob fetched his 35 millimeter cannon, his 45 caliber colt and started shooting.

He entered that picture in a contest called "Beauty At Every Age" sponsored by People Magazine. He didn’t think they would reject the photo.

But they did, listing at least three possible reasons for rejection: size, focus or inappropriate content.

To see if the gun was the problem, Bob submitted a second pistol-packing mama picture and was once again shot down.

Only after entering a third time with a picture without a gun did Bob finally hit the target. The photo was accepted.

The contest rules make it clear the judges can reject any photo at any time. After all, the magazine has its first amendment rights.

But what Bob and Sandra Farris don't understand is why celebrating their second amendment rights would be considered offensive.

Despite their disappointment, Bob and Sandra will not be cancelling their subscription to People Magazine because they never had one.

But if guns and ammo ever has a beauty contest, you can bet the Farrises will give it their best shot.

Fox 2 asked People Magazine whether the photos they rejected of Sandra Farris were considered inappropriate because she was holding a gun.

The magazine sent a written response which reads in part: "For various reasons, our editors chose none or one (based on size, lighting, clarity, etc.). In this case, we did choose one of the photos Sandra submitted. As stated in our contest rules, People reserves the right to disqualify photo submissions for any reason and at any time during the contest- period."