Students participate in four day Mars simulation program

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ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI)-- Angel Carr might be in eighth grade, but she's already a mars mission flight director.

"Make sure the astronauts have what they need, the rock specialist have what they need," says eighth grade student Angel Carr. "I make sure every specialist has what they need so we can get through our missions."

This mission has been a trip to mars for the students at River Roads Lutheran School in Baden.

"A four day program and they get to stay in shuttles, RV's and they also stay overnight and they don't get to go home and they also have to balance out their meals," says STEM instructor Joshua Mackey.

Plus they have to work out their bunks, logistics, latitudes and longitudes to launch them, figuratively speaking, to outer space.

"She's a pilot, she flies," says Shawn Brooks.
"He's a shuttle commander," says Kailisa McGee.
"I'm a shuttle commander," says Brooks.

After a successful return to earth the astronauts at river roads are bringing new life to the exterior of the school.

"Since we found plant life we decided to bring it back and make our neighborhood beautiful," says Kourtnee Manahan.

"Just look at what the children are doing to make it beautiful," says teacher Ida Odom. "The children value it; they don't want you to do something to tear it up. They take more interest in it."

All the while they're reaching for the stars, these seventh and eighth graders are getting their hands dirty.

And this mission has taught them it's not easy keeping cosmonauts or classmates on task.

"No it's not," says Carr.

"She kept her head cool dealing with kids her own age," says Mackey. "It's not easy being the boss of someone in the same class."

"I was pretty much like the principal," says Carr.