“Shots-fired” text message sends Roxana High School into lock-down

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ROXANA, IL (KPLR) - The all clear has been given after reports of shots fired at Roxana High School.  Authorities at the scene have told reporters there were no shots fired at the school; despite a call from the school indicating such. The school cannot confirm if this was an April Fool's prank at this point.

The District Superintendent sent this statement in release to the media, "The Jr./Sr. High went on lockdown this afternoon due to a text message that was sent from a student stating that there were shots fired at the High School. Local responders took action immediately to initiate lock-down procedures. Local responders from all area police forces were on campus quickly to address the situation. The student was found and it is confirmed that there were NO Shots fired. All students are returning to their regular schedules. A special thank you to our staff and local responders for their quick action today."

The Alton Telegraph reports that three people were taken into custody.

News11 has two crews on the scene. More details will be posted as this story develops.