Jewelry theft victim wants stricter rules for gold buyers

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(KTVI)-- A case of stolen jewelry has apparently been solved. But the victim says it`s too late to do her much good: her priceless rings have already been sold to a gold buyer and melted down.

Jane Hackenthal says a relative stole her jewelry. She got a boxful back, dumped in a trash can at the city park. She says a young relative, still a minor, is the thief.

Her son took home video of the recovered items. Sadly her most treasured pieces were still missing: three diamond rings, including her wedding ring. She says the three rings are worth at least $6,000.

The relative sold them to the Dollars for Gold Store in O’Fallon, Illinois, for around $270. The store owner confirms that. But says she gave police gold chains, not yet melted down along with diamonds from the rings, though the rings were already melted down. She says she, too, is victim here giving back items she`d already paid for.

Hackenthal says there need to be tighter regulations on gold buyers like there are for pawn shops and scrap metal buyers.

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