Street signs getting a makeover in Sullivan, Mo.

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SULLIVAN, MO (KTVI)-- The city of Sullivan is replacing street signs, making some higher, and adding reflectivity to some.

City Administrator J.T. Hardy says it’s all about complying with federal regulations.

He said the city started making changes in 2011 when the new regulations were announced.

“At that time the deadline to make the changes was 2015,” said Hardy.

He said an outcry of opposition from cities across the country forced regulators to back down. Cities can now wait to make the changes until a sign needs replacing.

“Our fear is that with the federal government, we don’t know when they may re-establish a deadline,” said Hardy.

He said that’s one reason Sullivan is moving ahead and replacing signs now. He says another reason is grant money was available through Franklin County.

Hardy says the new regulations will require future signs to be at least 7 feet above ground. He said regulators believe the signs should be high enough for pedestrians to safely walk underneath. Signs must also contain a certain amount of reflectivity for safety reasons.

"Hopefully by replacing all of our signs now, we will be ahead of the curve," said Hardy. "Unless they change the rules on us again."

Hardy estimates the entire switchover could cost the city $150,000. He called the new regulations, “an unfunded mandate.”