School officials want to stop “the eraser challenge”

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(KPLR) – School officials across the U.S. are trying to rub out another new trend among kids. It’s called “The Eraser Challenge.”

That’s when students take an eraser and rub it back and forth across their arm while reciting the alphabet and coming up with a word for each letter.

Once they get to letter “Z” they stop and show off their reddened skin to friends. The kids then hand the erasers to another classmates.

School officials are concerned body fluids are being shared because often, kids break skin during the challenge.

Doctors say rubbing can leave scars on the skin and cause infections.


  • Sabine Roach

    LOL our silly then 11 year old son did that, too… had a big raw spot which stayed scabby for a couple of weeks… no infection but the long healing process taught him to be the stronger kid and tell those others they’re simply silly…

  • shara Robinson

    this isn’t even a new challenge, we did this in middle school and I’m 30 now. it was dumb then too lol

  • a person

    Because this is DEFINITLY news worthy -.- this is part of the problem with our country, the mainstream media, kplr… do us all a favor and tell us more about the drones, the fema camps/coffins/death fields. about it being ILLEGAL to be homeless in south carolina. shit that actually effects us, and not just immediately, the stuff that indirectly fucks us over, much like obama care.

    • a person

      For those that actually read this, look up whats really going on in america, keep an open mind, just google anonymous 2014, the govt. labels them as terrorists, but who is it they’re terrorizing? is it that the government is scared of them? because you cant destroy an idea..

    • A Smarter Person

      That would be affects us, not “effects” us.. Lack of intelligence is the real problem in America.

  • Fred

    And now we have the news stations making a big deal out of it so all the kids that didn’t know about it can now participate.

  • Mary

    we did that when we were kids, still have a scare from it. We just used our finger and rub it really hard.

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