Illinois police plan safety crackdown on anniversary of Trooper death

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ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI) – Illinois State Police plan a statewide safety crackdown on Friday. It’s in memory of State Trooper James Sauter from southern Illinois. He was killed one year ago today in a fiery accident near Chicago. He was in his squad car, when a tractor-trailer rear-ended his car.
“Operation Sauter” will target commercial vehicles cracking down on speeding, drunk or distracted drivers, and seatbelt violations.

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  • Brittius

    Was the vehicle a Crown Vic? They had issues with that type of accident. There was a remedy, but I do not recall if it was a metal scatter shield-type similar to a stop sign placed between the fuel cell and cabin compartment, and I doubt if the other option, a self-sealing collapsible membrane inserted into the fuel cell was used. Actually, both, should have been utilized. Why be a penny wise and a life foolish?

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