Twins racing in Supercross competition at Edward Jones Dome this weekend

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ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI)-- You might do a double take at the Edward Jones Dome this weekend when you see these Supercross riders flying through the air.

"Can you tell them apart?" asks Patrick Clark.
"Yeah," says racing Mom Terri Gulley.
"When they're riding?" asks Clark.
"Yeah, ah, well they got a number on them when they're riding so that's kind of cheating," laughs Gulley.

Racing mom Terri Gulley will keep both eyes open on her boys this weekend.
They'll be two of the 22 competing Saturday in the Monster Energy Supercross.

"Sometimes we say the same thing," says Aaron Gulley.
"Yeah, we say the same thing a lot but we don't feel," says Adam Gulley. "When he has pain I don't have pain and when I have pain he doesn't have pain so that's a good thing I guess."

"There are several sets of brothers," adds Mom Terri. "But there's never been a set of twin brothers race the Super cross series. So they're the first."

The one thing to remember about this dirt riding duo is that they get some big air.
The Gulley family is from Jonesburg, Missouri about an hour from St. Louis.
And while you might need to set your DVR to determine who's who with the double vision racing team, for Adam and Aaron, they're more about the singularity of the sport.

"It's all on you," says Adam Gulley. "There's no team sport involved. It's all on you so if you mess up, it's on you. You don't have to worry about somebody else."

"It's a constant adrenaline rush," says Aaron Gulley. "You got out and hit these 65 to 70 foot jumps and you're 30 feet in the air, that's fun."

For the boys yes, but for mom and dad, not so much.

"Yeah, and I asked a Mom a long time ago, a lady that we knew that was always at the races and went to everything with her boys," says Mom Terri. "I said, 'When do you get to stop holding your breath?' She said, 'You don't.'"

Especially when your boys on their bikes are sailing along, three stories up in the air.