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(KPLR) - A couple weeks ago we told you about the 6th Annual Confluence Trash Bash. Volunteers picked up more than 7 tons of trash at that event. Missouri Stream Teams were a big part of the effort. Brian Waldrop, Regional Stream Team Assistant, talked with Christine Buck about how people who value clean waterways can take our passion to the next level.

Q. What is the Missouri Stream Team?

• A citizen-lead volunteer program that focuses on education about, stewardship of and advocacy for Missouri waterways

• Started in 1989 near Waynesville by the Roubidoux Fly Fishers who were tired of litter disrupting their fishing on the Roubidoux Creek

• The Missouri Stream Team Program is celebrating its 25th anniversary this year

• There are now over 4,900 Stream Teams across the state with more than 85,000 volunteers

• There are 12,000 teams and 24,000 members in the St. Louis area alone

• An excellent example of how Missourians care about the stream resources

Q. Who sponsors the program?

• Sponsored by the Missouri Dept. of Conservation, Mo Dept. of Natural Resources, and the Conservation Federation of Mo

• Chapters are created and run on a local level, and usually adopt local streams

• MDC provides coordination on a state-wide level

Q. What kinds of things to Stream Teams do?

• Trash and litter cleanups, like the Trash Bash

• Plant trees along stream banks to stabilize them

• Monitor water quality

• Stencil storm drains

• Participate in public awareness and education activities to promote healthy streams

Q. How can viewers get involved?

• Visit

• Check out the Event Calendar

• Find an existing Stream Team in your area, or form a new one

• With 11,000 miles of streams in Missouri, there’s plenty of opportunity

• Now is a great time to get involved during the “25 Days of Stream Team” promotion, running until October

o Existing members and new volunteers can participate in designated Stream Team events and receive appreciation prizes for attending multiple events

o A grand prize drawing at the end of the year will give participants a chance to win a canoe, kayak, 2 nights at Big Cedar Lodge or a custom-made fly rod

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