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Chesterfield Mall shoplifter maces guard and kidnaps woman to escape

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Cierra Baker and unidentified suspect Cierra Baker and unidentified suspect

CHESTERFIELD, MO (KPLR) -Police said a woman was kidnapped at Chesterfield Mall after a shoplifting attempt was foiled. It happened Friday March 21st around 5p.m. The woman was later released uninjured but was very frightened after the harrowing experience.

Mall customers like Leslie Morrow are stunned, “In Chesterfield it does surprise me, in Chesterfield, yeah.”

Surprising or not police say it happened in the H & M store. They say a security officer stopped two women suspected of shoplifting and that’s when one of the women pulled out a can of mace. Chesterfield Police Captain Steve Lewis said, “She sprayed the security guard causing not permanent damage however it caused some pain at the scene and allowed her to get away.”

Police said they are certain one suspect is 23 year old Cierra Baker. Lewis added, “She is known to our department from previous incidents.”

He said Baker then ran into the parking lot and jumped into a car and ordered the woman to drive to a gas station near I-64 and Big Bend, then Baker threatened to female driver. Lewis said the driver was very frightened, “She was in physical fear absolutely.”

Lewis said Baker used the victim’s cell phone to call someone to pick Baker up and when that person arrived, Baker fled. Mall officials declined to talk on camera and instead released a statement. They said they are working closely with police.

Mall customers are stunned. Shalya Busch said, “That definitely does worry me, yes.” Customer Leslie Morrow said, “I wouldn’t stop shopping there.” Customer Tom Hodges added, “This is a nice area, shouldn’t have that stuff going on if you ask me.”

Captain Lewis said, “This happens and could happen anywhere in the St. Louis metropolitan area.”

Detectives are asking for the public’s help in finding Baker. They also want to talk with the woman who was with Baker in the store as well as the person who picked Baker up at the gas station.

Police said Chesterfield Mall is safe.

Chesterfield Mall Management released this statement about the situation, “We are working closely with the Chesterfield Police Department, and due to this being a police matter, please contact the police department for more information.”

Call the Chesterfield Detective Bureau at 636-537-3000 or St. Louis Crime Stoppers at 314-725-8477 if you have any information about this crime. Investigators are specifically looking for anyone who can assist in identifying the second suspect or the whereabouts of Cierra Baker.

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  • sano2bsafe

    Chesterfield is no different than any other place, crime is everywhere some places worse than others so don’t think walking around holding your cash in hand in chesterfield is like walking around heaven all day. LOL I hope they are caught and justice is served but let this be a message as well as a lesson learned to all who live in the Chesterfield Valley, practice safety and know that crime can strike anywhere.

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