3 Ameren workers honored for saving a home

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WRIGHT CITY, MO (KPLR) - Three Ameren line workers were honored Wednesday for going above and beyond their normal call of duty. The three got certificates from the Wright City Fire Protection District for some quick thinking back in January.

They were heading to a job when they noticed a truck on fire outside a home near Wright City.

They hooked the burning truck up to one of their trucks and pulled it away from the home so it wouldn`t catch fire.

Their actions not only saved that house, but also helped control damage to a second home about ten miles away which caught fire about the same time.

More firefighters went to the house fire because they weren`t needed at the truck fire scene.

Greg Bristol/Chief Line Worker: 'We were just doing what we were supposed to do- truck on fire try to put it out or move it. Try and help people out.'

Joan Fletcher/Truck Owner: 'Couldn`t thank them enough, couldn`t thank them enough, there`s no way to thank them enough for what they done. They didn`t have to do that because it was bad.'

No one was hurt at either location.

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