Video: Ellisville gun thieves leave empty handed

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ELLISVILLE, Mo. (KPLR) - Attempted thieves left with only a damaged getaway car after they tried to burglarize a gun shop in Ellisville early Monday morning.

Police say threw a rock through the front door glass at Ruby's Guns on Manchester Road near Clarkson Road just before two a.m. Surveillance video show two young men walking through the store. Owner Steve Walsh said the suspects may have used a rock because barriers called bollards stood in the front of the store to prevent cars from driving through the front glass.

“We think that what was possibly was going to be attempted was a drive-through. The vehicle we see on surveillance drove past the building several times and even angled itself toward it.”

The guns are all locked up at night, so nothing was taken.

“It is our responsibility to make sure these guns get into the hands of the people that can legally own them,” Walsh said. “That is why these guns are locked up overnight.”

Walsh added that there are two security devices protecting the firearms sold at Ruby’s.

“With the response time of the Ellisville Police Department, there is no way they could have gotten to our guns. It was a waste of their time. They saw that. That is why they left without anything.”


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