Afternoons on 11: Local Rapper rebuilds life

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(KPLR) – On Monday’s Afternoons on 11, meet Koran Bolden, Bolden is a former national recording artist who signed a $150,000 contract with Def Jam Records. Bolden says he was on his way to the top in the music industry with a bright future to be in the spotlight of MTV, BET and the Hip Hop world when he was dropped for no reason. All of a sudden, the fame and fortune quickly faded.

After the contract was terminated, Bolden learned from that experience and knew he had to rebuild his life and career. The former rapper is now a motivational speaker and the Founder and CEO of Street Dreamz Artist Development Center located in the St. Louis Outlet Mall.

Street Dreamz is a recording studio aimed at local youth to make positive music.

  • Koran Bolden honored by County Executive Charlie Dooley

  • Students of Koran Bolden’s Street Dreamz project

  • Final thoughts on Koran Bolden’s Street Dreamz project

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  • emily

    It is so nice to finally see Koran getting the recognition that he truly deserves and has earned through his journey. Such a great role model.

  • B Foster

    Koran Bolden and his wife are so adorable together and are a powerhouse couple. They are blowing up fast! Good job Fox 2 for featuring this story.

  • Katrina Douglas

    It just amazes me to watch Koran’s dream come forward! He is truly a good role model too follow. I really enjoy seeing so much positive things going on in our community. Keep up the GOoD work.

  • Shaleya Anderson

    How wonderful it is to know such a great leader as Koran Bolden! An extraordinary,selfless, ambitious individual whom not only speaks of helping others but surrenders to a greater calling on his life. Thank you Koran for giving young boys , especially those without fathers, a male figure to example. Thank you for giving young girls a chance to know true beauty which comes from within. Last, but not least, thank you for giving us all encouragement and motivation to follow our dreams! Exceptional leaders lay the foundation for those that travel that road in the future! May you have much success! .

  • Yana Butler

    Koran and LaLa today watching you two brought tears to my eyes… you all are doing a great job. These kids need that. Keep it up:)

  • mstammy2020

    I got teary eyed watching this (I don’t know why, I guess I’m a softy lol) But I was blessed by this… It excites me and gives me hope for our youth as well as our older generations…With such great leaders, I’m not surprised, but am truly amazed at the talent of these young students!!! LaLa and Koran Bolden, I am so blessed just seeing you guys grow day by day, week by week and year by year! You all are making a difference in so many lives that may not have had the opportunity if it weren’t for you reaching back and helping to lift them up up to a higher understanding of SELF and the SPIRIT within each of them… God Bless you both for all that you stand for!!!! To my niece Samone Sherrell​​, I’m sooo proud of you and your growth! You have the voice of an angel and a heart of gold #KeepWinning!… All of you have amazing ability and talent… Keep it up!!!! ❤

  • Keisha

    Very inspiring video!!! I see great things coming for Koran and his wife! I hope that it Inspires so many others to give back to the youth. I commend him and wish him many blessings and much success!!!

  • Ashocki M

    You all are an awesome couple spreading a beautiful and positive message to our young people. Please stay inspired to continue the great work you all Have set before you. I believe that will continue to cause a ripple affect if pisitive change on the younger generation.

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