Spring refresher: Good pet etiquette

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EDWARDSVILLE, IL (KPLR) – Do you know any pet parents or dogs with poor etiquette? According to a recent study, dogs react to their owners in a manner that mimics the way human children respond to their parents.

This means that pet parents need to set a good example from the beginning so their pets don't inherit bad manners such as trespassing where they don't belong (like in the neighbors trash!), foul body odor, not following the rules, bad table manners, etc.

Jeremy Bond, from the  Edwardsville, IL PETCO, shared some pet etiquette tips with Christine Buck.

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1. Keep barking under control

2. Don't let cats wander

3. Keep the hair and smell at bay

4. Clean up waste

5. Obey the rules

6. Positive reinforcement is key

7. Use table manners

8. Not everyone loves animals