Attorney Generals say no to Tobacco

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States are turning up the heat on smoking, urging major pharmacy chains to stop selling tobacco products.

As Alison Kosik reports, the pressure comes as one of the country's biggest pharmacy’s gets ready to stomp out sales altogether.

Cigarettes, chewing tobacco and similar products, all come with warnings from surgeon general.

And now a group of attorneys general are joining the fight against smoking.

The prosecutors sent a letter to Walgreens and Rite-Aid, along with Wal-mart, Kroger and Safeway bigger retailers with pharmacies in their stores.

The message? Stop selling tobacco products.

Last month, CVS Caremark announced that it would stop selling tobacco at its CVS stores by October.

Saying it was the right thing to do to help its customers' achieve better health.

State A-G's Agree -- Writing: "There is a contradiction in having these dangerous and devastating tobacco products on the shelves of a retail chain that services health care needs."

The bipartisan group of 28 prosecutors hope to put more pressure on the companies, after a group of six democratic senators sent similar letters last month to Walgreens, rite aid and Wal-mart asking them to stop tobacco sales.

But the recent effort did not suggest any kind of legal action is likely.

So the retailers will voluntarily institute tobacco bans of their own.

I'm Alison Kosik in New York.

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