Another area child is approached by a stranger

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TROY, IL (KPLR) - For the third time in two weeks police in the St. Louis area are investigating a case in which a man tried to get a child into his vehicle. Troy, Illinois parents are worried after what happened around 4:30 Sunday afternoon near a Dollar General store.

A 9 year old girl was approached by a man in a black panel van.  He asked if she wanted a ride. She said no. He then told her to get in. She did not and made it home safely.  Troy Police Chief Brad Parsons said, “Her reaction is exactly the appropriate reaction.”


The driver is described as a black male in his 50’s wearing a black t-shirt and skull cap. The van had no windows on the rear or passenger side door.  Jody Jett is a parent who lives in Troy, “My nine year old daughter plays outside and rides her bike up and down the street and it’s pretty scary when it’s close to home.”

Last week in Missouri there were two cases in St. Charles County in which a white man wearing a red ball cap tried to lure children into his vehicle.  He used candy. In one case he targeted an 8 year old boy in Lake St. Louis and in the other incident two six year old girls were approached.  All the children ran for help.  Cori Simpson is a parent “It’s becoming more frequent, it’s scary though we just have to be much more vigilant as parents to make sure our kids are safe.” 

Police said now is a good time for parents to remind their children about stranger danger rules. Parents in Troy are doing more than that.  Brittany Henry has two young children, “I’m letting everyone know keep your heads up your eyes open if you see somebody who fits this description this type of vehicle out in the area call the police department right away”

Chief Parsons added, “With our limited numbers our department’s 18 so obviously the community interaction is what makes us successful here.”

Troy is another community determined to protect their children and keep them safe.

Teaching your children about strangers

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