Area fire departments battling brush and wildfires

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NEAR IMPERIAL, MO (KPLR) –Weather in the St. Louis area on Saturday created perfect conditions for brush fires.  Fires were reported in Franklin, Jefferson and St. Louis Counties as well as communities in Metro East. Near Fenton firefighters from four departments fought a remote brush fire. Ron Haeger owns property next to land that was burning.  Haeger said, “It’s a little anxious feeling when you hear the sirens and see the smoke down the road.”

It was a tough fire to fight because it was so far into the woods. High Ridge Deputy Chief Blain Smith said, “It’s not very accessible we’re having to use strictly use brush trucks and manpower to get around to it were having to use forestry hose it’s a one inch hose and drag it thru the woods. It’s tough to do.”

The brush trucks hold only about 150 gallons of water so they had to bring them out of the woods to refill and send them back in. And the weather was not helping.   Smith said, “Conditions are perfect to have a brush fire, higher winds and low humidity.”   

Embers from burning trash apparently spread causing the fire near Fenton.

Haeger added, “I’m concerned it’s moving over to my property i got like 30 acres and a house here and it’s already been burned three times in 30 years.  Madden: the acreage: Haeger: the acreage.”

Fire departments in Missouri and Illinois have been busy Saturday and this week fighting grass fires. In Lincoln County earlier this week flames spread from one fire and burned a home.  In another case the fire burned three out buildings.

Haeger echoed what firefighters were saying, “Shouldn’t be burning on a day like today.”

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