A closer look at the heroin epidemic in the St. Louis area

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(KPLR) - The heroin epidemic is running rampant across the country claiming lives at an alarming rate. People of all ages and from various walks of life are dying from heroin related overdoses. Madison County, Illinois officials have established a task force to help combat the growing problem. On The Pulse Of St. Louis, we'll tell you what you need to know to protect your family and how you can help stem the tide.

Overdose reversal drugs

What communities can do to fight the heroin epidemic

Viewer email on heroin

Panels final thoughts on heroin epidemic

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  • Hooked but want help

    Oh my God you people just absolutely do not get it it’s not how high you get from the drug after a certain amount of time from doing the drug you don’t get high anymore the hard part of getting off of heroin is the withdraws the withdrawal symptoms are so bad and are so hard to deal with that no one that’s addicted to heroin wants to go through that it’s not hey I got to get high it’s oh my God I have to get well I have to make my body feel normal again because when that guy said it automatically changes the receptors in your brain he wasn’t kidding it automatically changes your receptors to want that drug and need that drug to feel normal so putting people in jail for detox oh my god that would be my absolute worst nightmare absolute worst nightmare I would rather die than go to Madison County Jail and sit there and detox off the heroin there’s absolutely no way in hell I could do that so I think you guys need to come up with a lot more detox centers that are free and state-funded or government funded and I think Madison county would see a lot more people coming in on their own getting off of it because after a couple of months of heroin abuse it’s not getting high anymore it’s getting well and after being on it for the last two years it’s getting real freaking old and I do love my family and I do love everyone around me but right now in my life it’s all about staying well until I can get in somewhere and go through detox without dying so you guys read this email and then get back to me thank you

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