Suspect captured in Denver after carjackings, Amber Alert

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LONGMONT, CO - A carjacking suspect was taken into custody Wednesday morning in a Denver suburb after he stolen one vehicle and carjacked two more. The first car had a 4-year-old boy inside when it was stolen. Police issued an Amber Alert to locate the vehicle and the child. Visit for full details.

This all started when a man was seen stealing a red Ford Edge from a gas station Wednesday morning while the woman who was driving it went in to pay for gas. The 4-year-old was inside. Longmont Police issued an Amber Alert for the child and released a photo of the man they were calling a suspect.

After almost an hour of driving around at high speeds, driving on the shoulders, running stop lights and stop signs, the suspect was seen invideo from the KDVR helicopter as he pulled up in front of a gold minivan on a more rural road, stopped and forced the driver and a woman out. He left the scene by driving over a grassy median, then driving the wrong direction down another road.

The child was apparently left in the original red Ford Edge.

The aerial footage of the suspect getting out of the red Ford Edge and into the gold minivan appeared to be the same man in the photo released by police.

After driving the gold minivan on the freeway, he eventually got on surface streets. He wrecked the minivan and got out, but got back in and took off again at high speeds. He ended up in an intersection where he stopped. The minivan was noticeably damaged. A woman stopped her silver sedan as the man got out of the minivan. He pulled the woman out of her car and sped off again.

He did not drive the third stolen car for long before he crashed while running a red light. Police were close behind. The suspect got out of the car and ran. Police pursued him and captured him after a short foot chase.