Teen fighting rule against parking pickups in driveway overnight

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WILDWOOD, MO (KTVI)-- A teen bought his dream car, which happens to be a 1965 Ford pickup. Now, he has parking problems.

Matt Perry worked two jobs and saved the money to buy the two toned pickup from his neighbor.

Perry says he didn't realize when he bought the truck that Valley View Subdivision where he lives has a rule against parking pickups in the driveway overnight.

Perry says he would park the truck in the garage, but that's where his parents park their vehicles.

Now, he could be fined by the homeowners association for violating the subdivision's bylaws.

Perry can change the rule if he collects 130 signatures from homeowners in favor of doing so.

The issue is getting attention on Facebook from supporters who have launched a campaign called Save Matt's Truck.


  • m phillips

    If it was up on blocks or totally derelict I would agree. This is a beauty and the neighborhood asso. should be proud that they have a teen living in their vicinity who is so reliable. If his parents are paying their mortgage then I don’t think it’s anybody else’s business where the kid parks the truck.

  • mom

    Put it in the garage! Let his parents park one of their cars in the driveway! Another example of those with entitlement mentality.

  • Prinzeono Pek

    So what they rather he park a bushel of weed in the drive way. What the heck I am proud of this kid, he saved and he worked for what he wanted, arrest him for stealing and harass him for breaking a real law but bothering him for this is ridiculous totally.

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