YOLO stolen from Loyola University front lawn sign

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NEW ORLEANS, LA (WGNO) — The sign in front of Loyola University on Saint Charles Ave. once again reads LOYOLA. Vandals chiseled four letters from the sign over the weekend taking L-O-Y-O.

Officials at Loyola are calling this a case of Mardi Gras vandalism, but others say it was no coincidence that those letters were taken.

If you rearrange the letters it could spell ‘YOLO’, which is an acronym made popular in 2011 by rapper Drake. It means ‘you only live once.’

Yesterday, when new broke that the letters were stolen many students set aside Mardi Gras plans to check out the iconic sign.

“I thought this was fake, so I wanted to come see it for real,” said LSU student Ariel Hulin.

Shakari Fraser said, “I saw it on Facebook, and I wanted to see if it was true. I grew up here, so I’m so used to seeing the letters, and it’s just amazing that somebody pulled this prank off.”