Drive-thru “Ash in a Flash” service popular this Ash Wednesday

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ST. LOUIS, MO (KPLR) - Today marks the first day of Lent, known as "Ash Wednesday."

Lent is the season of prayer and penance in the Christian Church leading up to Easter.  It lasts 40 days, excluding Sundays.

Many people give up something during Lent including food, drinking or other activities.

It is also customary to complete acts of charity during Lent.

And while some people will be in a church service for Ash Wednesday, others won't even have to leave their cars.  All they had to do is show up at The Word at Shaw in south St. Louis.

That's where Pastor Keith Scareborugh was at the drive-thru Ash Wednesday service.  The service went until 9 a.m.