Conservation Connection: “Trees Work” campaign

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(KPLR) - We’ve had an incredibly cold winter.  If you have evergreen trees planted on the north side of your home, you’ve already experienced how trees work for you.  They can save over 20% on your heating bills by blocking winds.

Dan Zarlenga spoke with John Fuller about the “Trees Work” campaign and a slogan challenge you can participate in.

Q.  What is “Trees Work”?

  • An educational campaign from the Missouri Department of Conservation to raise awareness  of how trees enrich our economy and quality of life


Q. What are some ways trees work for us?

  • Studies show ADD symptoms in kids are relieved after spending time around trees
  • Based on police crime reports,  research finds areas with trees and grass experience half as many crimes as places without them
  • Missouri’s forests store more than 5 million tons of carbon
  • Each pound of new wood that grows produces 1.3 pounds of oxygen


Q.  Do trees make a difference in dollars and cents too?

  • Properly placed evergreen trees can cut winter heating costs by 25%
  • Strategically-placed deciduous trees can save up to 30% on air conditioning costs in the summer
  • Having trees along neighborhood streets can raise home values an average of nearly $9,000
  • The forest products industry contributes $8 billion annually to Missouri’s economy
  • Trees also support 42,000 jobs in Missouri


Q. Now tell us about the Trees Work Poster Slogan challenge

  • The campaign includes posters designed by Firecracker Press in St. Louis
    • Printed on hand-operated presses that use wood blocks, which are also carved by hand
    • The theme is “Without trees . . .”
      •  . . . 2x4’s would just be 0x0’s”
      •  . . . hammocks would just be blankets on the ground.”
      • . . . hide and seek would just be seek”
      • We’re inviting Missourians to come up with their own version
      • Email to by April 30th
      • We’ll pick a winning slogan and design a poster around it
      • The winner receives a complete set of handcrafted Trees Work posters plus 10 extras with their slogan


Q.  Where can we find out more?

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