Enemies list found at Lake St. Louis elementary school

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LAKE ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI)-- The Wentzville School District responded to questions about a list that was discovered at Green Tree Elementary last Tuesday.

According to those with relatives attending the school in the district, an 11-year-old allegedly saw a fellow classmate with what's being referred to as a friends and enemies list at the school. FOX 2 spoke to family members of the young child, they didn't want to go on camera, but did say they were worried about the fact that some parents were concerned because they weren't notified of the incident until that Friday.

FOX 2 contacted the district about the incident and a spokesperson released the following statement:

"Last week there was a 'friends and enemies' list of student names found at Green Tree Elementary. The principal contacted local law enforcement immediately, and after a thorough investigation it was determined that the list was not a credible threat. The principal and counselor contacted the parents of the students included on the list, and informed them of the incident. Student discipline for these types of incidents is covered by the district`s student misconduct and disciplinary consequences regulation."

Family members also say they hope the disciplinary action is strong enough to send the message that incidents of this nature will not be tolerated in the future.

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  • casisrad

    What???? Are you kidding me???? What if the kid was being bullied? I would make a list too in case something happens to me. They can narrow down who might have done something. All you that think that this and the other incident at another school with a “level 2 finger gun ” or whatever the heck it was called is ok that they were punished should be ashamed. Your kids rights are slowly being taken away! Somebodies overactive imagination is at work. My God this is getting so ridiculous! Oh, is someone going to complain that I used God in my post?

  • Shawn Curtis

    Maybe the school should focus more on why a 11-year-old would have “enemies”? Even better, how about the press asking this question for once. They talk about cyberbullying when they get a chance, but since the term “Enemies List” gets more attention, they focus on that. This is just a case of a kid being a kid. Leave it at that, there is no need to involve the police, news or send out a letter to parents.

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