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Tattoo shop weighs in on shocking ‘3-D’ trend

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Phoenix (KPHO) — A new tattoo trend that looks like carvings in people’s skin is taking the internet by storm.

A Phoenix tattoo shop said the trend quietly started gaining steam years ago but three-dimensional tattoos are now exploding in popularity, likely due to shock value.

“It’s just a different way of pushing the envelope with what we can do with tattooing,” said Jason Anthony with Golden Rule Tattoo in Phoenix.

“With traditional American tattooing, you’re using bold lines, heavy black shading, bright bold colors,” Anthony said.

While 3-D tattooing looks completely different, Anthony said the technique is the same.

“It’s still a needle piercing your skin at 190 pokes per second,” Anthony said.

But the result is anything but ordinary – just search #3d tattoos on Instagram.

“The zipper tearing someone’s skin and it’s like super rendered out,” Anthony said. “Those different fun things where it’s not just faces anymore.”

Anthony said they’re all the rage right now likely because of shock value. But if you’re interested in getting inked up, get ready to fork over some cash.

“You get what you pay for, and if you’re looking for that super realism, you might pay more money,” Anthony said.

And while they may be the latest and greatest in body art today, Anthony added picking the right artist will hopefully lead to fewer regrets later on.

“It might not look like that, so we’ll see what happens,” Anthony said. “A lot of it is built real well, and a lot of it may be not.”

By Lindsey Reiser

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