Officer shot, one person dead after speeding car bursts into flames

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WOODSON TERRACE, MO (KTVI) - A suspect is deadand a St. John police officer is shot after a fiery early morning crash in Woodson Terrace near Lambert Airport Thursday.

Investigators say police actually came under fire as they tried to rescue people from the burning car.

A viewer, Andy Marks, witnessed the car fire and submittedvideo to FOX 2.  You can see the billowing flames and smoke and even hear what sounds like gun fire.

It all went down around 2:30am at Woodson Road and Natural Bridge. Police tell us a St. John officer saw a red Cadillac speeding on Woodson Road.

There were three people inside it.

By the time the officer caught up with the car, the crash had happenedand the car was on fire

Several other officers from different departments also arrived on the scene.

As officers were rushing to the car to try and rescue the people inside, St. Louis County Police say someone in the car opened fire, hitting the St. John officer once in the chest.

Fortunately, the officer was wearing his bullet proof vest and has already been treated and released from the hospital.

Officers fired back at that point.

When it was over, one man inside the car was dead.

Police rescued one woman from the car after the exchange of gunfire. She only has minor injuries.

The third person in the car was another woman. She was already out of the Cadillac when police arrived.

We are also learning more about a second scene in all of this on Engler, not far from where the crash happened.

County police say the man who died in this incident stayed at a home there where police had a strong presence Thursday morning.

At this point, we are still waiting for police to release the name of the man who was killed as well as any details about the officer who was shot.