Visitors discover frozen fish at Union Station pond

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ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI)-- A fish kill at a St. Louis landmark had visitors turning away Wednesday night.

Dozens of what appeared to be koi and goldfish were either frozen or floating in the outdoor pond at Union Station.  Only a few fish were still swimming.

A union station spokesman said he wasn't aware of the problem until Fox 2 called Tuesday night.

He said the problem would be addressed.

Fox 2 also learned a city health department sanitation inspector would be at Union Station Thursday to look into the fish kill.

Visitors were certainly saddened by the sight.

“Aww, that`s so sad, because they`ve gotten so big over the years,” said Marge Stoner, who visiting from out of town.

“It`s disappointing.  The water`s frozen.  It`s cold.  Hopefully Spring will come and they`ll start putting fish back in the pond again,” said Brenda Mitchell of Centralia, IL.

She remembered feeding the fish with her children nearly a decade ago.

The cold weather may not directly be the source of the trouble.

These types of fish are known for surviving in outdoor ponds, even in the harsh St. Louis Winters.

There are pumps in the Union Station pond to keep water circulating, which is good for the fish.

However, a build-up of organic materials, like leaves, in the water during winter months can impact oxygen levels as they break down, which can kill fish.

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