SLU doctors first to use new heart monitoring device

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ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI)-- Cardiologists at Saint Louis University Hospital are the first in the region to use the Reveal Linq, a new heart monitoring device designed to pinpoint problems and help doctors determine treatment faster than usual.

The Linq is smaller than a triple "A" battery and even smaller than technology currently used to detect heart problems. The device is implanted under the skin near the breast and records a continuous EKG.

A home communication device is programmed to talk with the implanted Linq, which sends valuable real time information to the patient's doctor via cell phone towers. The outpatient procedure does not require the patient to be sedated.

However, the area near the incision is numbed. After ten minutes or less, the patient is sent home capable of going about a normal routine. The battery in the Linq lasts three years.