North city school damaged by wind overnight

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ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI) – Strong wind gusts ripped the roof off a vacant high school in north St. Louis Thursday night.

The school is near the intersection of Clarence and Carter Avenues. It used to be called De Andreis High School.

The wind gusts sent debris into the street and the yards of nearby homes.

“It was really nothingand then all of the sudden strong wind gusts came,” L.C. Price said. “Stuff was falling off the school and it was like large pieces of drywall.”

Price said one of his neighbors was hit with a piece of debris, “It was crazy and like just stuff flying everywhere."

“We are blessed that nobody was hurt,” Price said.

The street was also covered with debris from the school.

The St. Louis City Street Department was focused on restoring street lights for the Friday morning commute. Officials sent a supervisor to the area around 7:30 a.m. and the street was cleared around 8:00 a.m.

The debris on the sidewalk and in surrounding yards is not the St. Louis Street Department’s responsibility, but the crew that arrived on the scene also removed that debris.

Chapelle Norise lives across the street from the vacant school. “It is crazyand I haven’t ever seen anything like this,” he said. “The roof was peeled like a banana.”

Norise said neighbors moved some of the debris to dumpsters in the area, “We are glad to get this stuff cleaned up."

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