Toy Story ‘Woody’ toy gun confiscated by airport security

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(KTVI) - Reach for the sky!  Security officers at Heathrow Airport in London confiscated a toy gun from a "Toy Story" Woody doll.

The cowboy doll was apparently a terror risk.  Agents examined Woody because it was holding a miniature six-shooter.  The doll was given back, but the tiny firearm was confiscated.

Woody dolls are not normally sold with a gun so its unclear where the weapon originated.

You may remember back in December, a TSA agent at Lambert Airport also confiscated a tiny toy gun.  It was part of a sock monkey's costume.

Back then, the TSA said, "under long-standing aircraft security policy, and out of an abundance of caution, realistic replicas of firearms are prohibited in carry-on bags."