Missouri returns over $1M in unclaimed property

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JEFFERSON CITY (KPLR) – Missouri State Treasurer Clint Zweifel Wednesday returned over $1,000,000 of unclaimed property being held by the state of Missouri.

The money was returned to 7 account holders, the largest belong to a corporation in St. Louis that had 10 accounts totaling $241,000.

Here’s a list of the 6 other accounts returned to their owners:

  • The first claim was returned to an Illinois resident. It totaled $146,000 and was made up of 34 separate accounts, including a stock liquidation worth almost $50,000.
  • The second claim totaled $107,000 and went to a trust in St. Louis. It contained two accounts, made up almost entirely of a mutual fund liquidation.
  • The third claim totaled $126,000 and went to a California resident. It was made up of four accounts, the largest being a matured certificate of deposit.
  • The fourth claim was made up of two matured certificates of deposit. Together they were worth $111,000 and went to an individual in St. Peters, Mo.
  • The fifth claim went to a business in St. Louis. It was made up of a single account worth $100,000 due under an insurance policy.
  • The sixth claim went to a trust in St. Louis. It was made up of a single account worth $185,000 from liquidated mutual fund shares.

Currently the state is holding over $810 million in unclaimed property for 4.7 million account owners, that include 71 accounts having over $100,000.

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