Credit card thief uses hair dye to pass for victim

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WELDON SPRING, MO (KTVI) - A credit card thief goes the extra mile to try to steal from her victim.  Investigators say the thief dyed her hair in order to pass for the victim at her bank and withdraw money from her account.

According to St. Charles County Detective Michael Yarbrough, the suspect snatched the victim’s driver’s license and credit cards from her car, while she was inside the Priory School in Creve Coeur for a parent-teacher conference.  The victim cancelled her credit cards but it was too late; the suspect already went on a shopping spree with her American Express at a Weldon Spring Walgreens.

Receipts show that the suspect bought items used to mask her identity, and within half an hour, she entered First National Bank, just down the street, with a new look.  Her hair was sprayed brown and pulled back in a bun.  She also changed her shirt, looking similar enough to the woman on the stolen ID to withdraw $6,500.

But her disguise didn’t get past investigators, who noticed the same jeans and sneakers in the Walgreens and bank surveillance, and a spot of blonde hair. Plus there are other similarities.  Yarbrough explains, “If you look at the basic physical features, the glasses, how she walks in, her basic build, her facial features, when you compare the video surveillance to the still photographs from Walgreens, there are distinct familiarities to it.”

At this point, the suspect’s identity remains a mystery.  No one at the Priory School was able to recognize her, but if you do, please

Contact the St. Charles County Sheriff’s Department at 636-949-7900 ext. 5440, or the Creve Coeur Police Department at 314-872-2543.