Officer dragged by car of woman trying to avoid speeding ticket

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MOLINE ACRES, IL (KTVI)-- A woman is jailed in Moline Acres after allegedly dragging a police officer from the side of her car while trying to run from him.  The assault and ensuing chase happened with her three year old daughter in the car’s back seat.

Police say it began with a simple traffic stop on Chambers.  They say the woman began arguing with the officer, insisting she wasn’t going too fast.

“She then became irate and he was trying to get her to calm down,” Moline Acres Police Chief David Dorn said.

Dorn says the woman continued on her rampage and the officer told her he was going to arrest her if she didn’t calm down.  Then it escalated further.

“The officer reached in to try and turn the car off.  She puts it in drive and drove off with the officer hanging on the car and partially in the window.”

Across the street, Kenny Boyd was watching from his job in a tattoo parlor.

“The officer reached his hand in the car, and she kind of drove off with him,” he said.  “Drove off and knocked him on the ground and another county cop reached and pulled him out of the way.”

This all happened with the woman’s three year old daughter in the back seat.  And it wasn’t over.  Moline Acres and St. Louis County Police who were backing up the injured officer had to chase the woman more than two miles before she eventually stopped at her mother’s home.  It’s there that she was arrested.

Chief Dorn was mortified when he found out all this had gone down with a child in the middle of it.

“I couldn’t figure out why she did it.  And the only thing there was a speeding ticket…at best.”

In fact, Dorn says, there was no reason to believe she would have faced any other charges for anything.

“She don’t appear to have a police record. No outstanding warrants or anything. We can’t figure out why she did it, and frankly she doesn’t know why she did it.”

She hasn’t been identified yet, but faces charges of assaulting an officer, and endangering a minor:  her own daughter.

The officer was taken to a nearby hospital for X-Rays, but is expected to be okay.

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