Authorities need to go after those responsible for the heroin trade

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NEW YORK, NY (WPIX) - New York Authorities are going after the people who supplied Oscar winning actor Philip Seymour Hoffman with the heroin that killed him. In this commentary Lionel says that authorities should go even farther. They should go after the people who are responsible for the world's heroin trade.

You might be surprised to find out who's in charge.

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  • lamz633

    Wow, what a revelation! Note to self, only sell heroin to non famous friends. If one of them dies the cops don’t care. 20 years ago when the Russians pulled out of Afghanistan it was estimated that 200 heroin labs would open over night. I am sure this number was very low. Today high purity white heroin is coming from this country and we did not put an end to when the war started there or now.
    The war on drugs has been a failure and put way too many users in prison and rarely touched the main dealers. This war has been a total waste of time and resources.

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