Pro-Life groups urging boycott of Girl Scout Cookies over abortion

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Madison, WI (CNN) - Pro-life groups are asking you to think twice about buying Girl Scout cookies this year.

The groups say Girl Scouts of the USA isn't as wholesome as it once was.

Jennifer kliese has more on the so-called "coookie-cott"

Rochell Benish, Girl Scout Troop Leader: They are just ecstatic they have their first booth meeting, cookie sales on Sunday and they just can't wait
Rochell Benish is getting her Girl Scout troop ready for the cookie sale.

But she's worried about the boycott from pro-life groups, concerned about the Girl Scouts' stance on abortion.

Rochell Benish, Girl Scout Troop Leader: It's not been something that's ever been on our radar.

Badgerland definitely promotes the girls.

Christy Gibbs, Badgerland Council Spokesperson: We do recognize that there are wonderful troops in wonderful churches and schools that are doing great things
But Pro-Life Wisconsin is encouraging people to think twice about supporting Girl Scouts of the USA, saying the organization pushes pro-abortion agendas.

Christy Gibbs, Badgerland Council Spokesperson: They get involved in promoting and advocating for women's reproductive rights and we know exactly what that stands for
We believe these are issues best left within the confines of the family

Badgerland council says the focus is leadership and education, not adult issues.

The online cookie boycott targets Girl Scouts of the USA, claiming not enough of the money goes to the girls.

Here's how the cookie crumbles, Badgerland tells us, for a $3.75 box of cookies, the girl gets 12 cents, her troop gets nearly a dollar, and the rest goes to local council programming.

Rochell Benish, Girl Scout Troop Leader: We know that the money stays local.

We know that our organization takes no position on sensitive issues.

But cookie licensing royalties do go to the national group.

Rochell hopes when it comes time to sell, people can put aside their differences, for her troop's sake.

Rochell Benish, Girl Scout Troop Leader: I just feel like this is kind of putting a damper on the spirit of it and what the girls are looking forward to.

Both sides say they hope anyone who wants to discuss the issue, will take it up with the adults and not the children out selling cookies.


  • Linda Kinworthy

    This money helps the girls and no I don’t think they get enough of the sales. The girls and moms r the ones doing all the work and little goes to the troop. And as faras who believes what my gosh u would go hungry if u didn’t raise us own. So give it up why pick on the kids? And no I’m not for abortion but never will be but u can’t change the world. Boy cot everyone who agrees to abortion u will be hungry and naked.

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