Jacology: We’re getting closer to spring

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(KPLR) – In Tuesday's Jacology, Charles Jaco looks at winter.

Winter weather in the first week in February? In honor of this previously unknown phenomenon, we at Jacology are going into first storm team alert crisis coverage. We're also going to celebrate a bit, since this weekend now means we're closer to the first day of spring than the first day of winter, so winter is half over. It also means we now have around an hour-and-a-half more daylight than we had around Christmas. And pitchers and catchers report to spring training in less than two weeks, okay, enough optimism.

It's been twenty-some years since a winter this bad in this area; which means we've gone a generation without heavy snow and sub-zero cold. Maybe we've gotten soft. Or maybe we're just getting more short-tempered as we get older. But everyone I know is sick of winter. In fact, some of us have gotten so testy that we're in the mood for some spite snow. Three inches of snow? Is that all you got? Bring it!

Which is at least an active response. Being passive would mean just curling up into a ball and waiting for opening day or at least St. Patrick's day. Which come to think of it, isn't the stupidest idea ever. It works for bears. They hibernate. They wake up refreshed come spring. And they don’t growl at friends and co-workers because they're asleep.

The men and women who keep us functioning have done great jobs without complaint. Snowplow operators, electric linemen, firefighters, cops, paramedics, utility workers. The roads have mostly been clear, and the lights have mostly stayed on due to hard, often nasty work by the people who are the spine of our infrastructure. We want spring? They want spring even more. So just suck it up. And bring it.

I'm Charles Jaco, and that's Jacology.

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