Kroenke’s silence not helping Rams fans deal with dome dilemma

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ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI) – Stan Kroenke did not amass a worth of over $5 billion dollars by shooting his mouth off. Nor, has Kroenke been the most outgoing of sports team owners. He hardly ever says anything to anyone in the media. He ignores requests for interviews. He doesn't return phone calls. Those are just the complaints from British journalists over how he runs his English professional soccer team, Arsenal. We in St. Louis can relate.

Kroenke and his minions have refused to say anything about the team's future in St. Louis. Remember when the Rams were negotiating with the Convention and Visitors Commission about improvements to the dome? Folks at the CVC chastised me for calling them, negotiations. They claim Kroenke and company never said anything, never negotiated squat face to face, bY phone or on-line. Kroenke et al would simply drop their demands on the table and say get back to us with a response.

So, now Kroenke's purchased 60 acres of land in Los Angeles and speculation is the Rams may use it for a stadium when the rams move back to LA. or not. The fact remains, the Rams will play in a new stadium sooner or later, either here, or somewhere else. And Kroenke will have to spend a lot of his own money to build it. He just wants to spend as little as possible. And he knows, or he should know, that he's not going to get much of anything from taxpayers here.

The total St. Louis-area taxpayer subsidies to the Rams during their stay in the Dome is in the hundreds of millions of dollars. During that same time salaries for NFL players have gone up. Stan Kroenke's net worth has gone up. He is now one of the world's 300 richest people. The average household income in the St. Louis metro area has dropped. Add that to Kroenke's seemingly imperial silence and a lot of St. Louisans may become indifferent to whether Kroenke and company stay, or go.

I'm Charles Jaco and that's Jacology.