Proposed Missouri gun law about rural white rage

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ST. LOUIS, MO (KPLR) – Once again, the Missouri General Assembly's debating a law to nullify federal gun laws in Missouri. They've been warned by legal experts that the law would be unconstitutional since federal law trumps state law in constitutional matters. It doesn't matter. The Missouri House and Senate have some members, rural white members, who want to send a message. And that message is, we're angry.

Some are angry that the country's changing. Others are angry that a black liberal has been elected, and re-elected president. Some are angry that gay people can get married. That abortion's been legal for forty years. That their jobs were shipped off to Mexico and Malaysia. That the economy crashed. Many are angry over just about every government regulation. That their small towns are overrun with meth. SO, getting rid of federal gun regulations is an easy way to express that anger.

A lot of books have been written about this. but, their analysis is pretty much the same. As lower middle class and middle class white rural America hollows out and becomes poorer; liberals and minorities and government take the blame from some people. But, Wall Street? Not so much. Even though it was the financial 1 percent that engineered deals to ship jobs to third world country and bet on funny money financial instruments that almost collapsed the entire economy.

So, the debate in Jeff City about nullifying federal gun laws has almost nothing to do with guns. It has to do with rage. It's the same rage that according to legend led King Canute of Denmark to take his throne to the sea shore and order the tide to stop coming in. No matter how angry the king became the tide paid no attention.

I'm Charles Jaco and that's Jacology.


  • Jean Oppermann

    If you want straight news why are you following a commentator who by the definition of commentary gives their opinion. If your time was wasted that was because you used poor judgment in choosing to read the article in the first place.

  • Carla Clapp

    Boy, you threw in every controversial word you could find, didn’t you, Jacko. You sicken me. Looks to marine something someone would do to cover up the fact that they have no real intellect or journalism skills at all. The only way to get thus guy off the air is to stop watching, stop giving him attention. This is the last straw for me. Adios.

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