Mizzou responds to ESPN’s “Outside the Lines” rape report

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COLUMBIA, MO (KPLR) - The University of Missouri is now responding to allegations it did not act on rape allegations of a student who eventually committed suicide.

In a statement posted to the University's website, officials expressed their condolences to the family and friends of Sasha Menu-Courey and answered several questions they say were raised by ESPN's "Outside the Lines" report that aired on January 24.

The ESPN story, researched over sixteen months according to the network, says Menu-Courey was out drinking with friends.  While intoxicated, she eventually had consensual sex with a former Mizzou football player.  The story then alleges a group of three other players entered the room, and details one sexually assaulting her.

The University says they were not aware of the assault until late 2012.  They did say they found a  transcript of an online chat between Sasha and a crisis hotline that made reference to an alleged sexual assault, but that Sasha never reported it to University officials.

The statement addresses questions of why Sasha was taken off the swim team by saying she was never taken off the team.  The report states, Sasha submitted withdrawal form for the Spring 2011 semester but remained a student until her death.

Sasha had been admitted to a mental health facility after a suicide attempt and afterwards, the decision was made with her and her parents to withdraw.

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