Family & Friends come together to help a father stricken with cancer

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FLORISSANT, MO (KPLR) – A strong show of support Saturday night for a man who’s facing a life threatening challenge.  38 year old David Boyd, his wife and 8 children have had a tremendously tough year.  David Boyd said, “We’re putting it into God’s hands and going from there.”

The family’s belongings were destroyed in the Hazelwood tornado and then six months later David was diagnosed with stage four colon cancer which has now spread to his liver.  Angela Boyd, his wife, said, “The chemo knocks him down sometimes but he has the best spirit of anyone I know.”

Family and friends joined together Saturday night to raise funds for the Boyd family.  First at a Florissant bar with a pool tournament, raffles and then a few doors down a trivia event.  To say money is tight would be a dramatic understatement. David can’t workand his wife can’t always do her job because she’s taking care of him. The medical costs are mounting.  Angela Boyd said, “It’s rough, it’s really rough but with the support of our family and friends having our back it will be okay.”

Friends want to help the David for many reasons. Kristen Thomas is his niece, “He’s always there for us so I felt like I needed to step up and help him out when he needed it.”  Kristy Patterson-Lumetta said, “I have many family members who have been touched by cancer.”  Lou Darden added, “Cancer affects so many people it seemed like the right thing to do.”

David is a d.j. and friends said over the years he’s donated much of his time and talent to others in need, and now folks are returning those favors to him.

Cari Robbins, a friend, said, “He’s done several memorial services he’s done a lot of parties for other people who have had cancer or heart problems or that we were just trying to raise money for he’d never question he’s like where do you need me, what time”

David Boyd is upbeat about this challenging future, “I always keep the faith. I’m a fighter I’ve been a fighter all my. I’m going to keep fighting if the tornado won’t take me out cancer won’t either.”

If you would like to help David Boyd and his family, you can do so by clicking on

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