Marijuana is not harmless but it should be legal

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NEW YORK, NY (WPIX) - As the great Jimmy Cannon said, "Nobody asked me."

There`s been a lot in the news lately about marijuana. The president weighed in about its harm compared to alcohol, the medicalization. Legalization movements are under way. So, let me clear something up absolutely honest disclosure, Ok. marijuana, pot, weed is not harmless. I don`t even know what harmless means. The GMO-laden food you eat, the psych meds you`re pumping into your kids. They are far from harmless and no one`s saying a word.
 So listen, to the members of my generation who remember what a three-finger lid is. The pot today ain`t the stuff of our youth! The stuff is wicked. The incomprehensible psycho-agricultural geniuses of today's marijuana farmers who`ve developed strains of cannabis sativa and indica. The stuff you can get a hold of today is anything but harmless. When you keep in mind that marijuana has hundreds of cannabinoids and the combinations and permutations and modes of wickedness are infinite.
 Now, if I were the king of the world, pot would be legal for adults, natch. After all you can smoke cigarettes, `nuff said. But, Mr. President, pot is no more dangerous than alcohol. Come on, you know better. Here, take a sip of this chardonnay. Now, take a hit of this. See any difference? look the effects it has on memory alone are... devastating.