Parents upset after principal threw students’ belongings from locker

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BRIGHTON, IL (KTVI)-- Parents are upset after they say their children’s school principal opened up lockers and threw all the students’ belongings on the floor.

Students said they were warned at least twice by the principal at Southwestern Middle School, that if they didn’t comply there would be consequences.  Parents said it happened to as many 16 students.  Cindy Krankel son Dalson is an 8th grader, and she is angry with the principal. “I am outraged. I mean he harassed him. It’s bullying. This is just ridiculous," she said.

Dalson said why he didn’t lock his locker. “Cause I don’t think I need to lock it.”

Jimmy Durham said it also happened to his 8th grade son.  Durham said, “I don’t think pulling his stuff out of the locker on the floor was appropriate.”

Both parents and Dalson agree students should be punished with something like detention, but they should not be humiliated. Krankel said, “It teaches him aggression is okay and it’s not.”  Durham said his son is upset, “He doesn’t want to go back he wants to switch schools. He’s embarrassed."

The school handbook requires kids to lock their lockers.
The school superintendent told me he’s handling the matter but would not comment further because the incident involves school personnel and students.

Madden asked: “There are people out there who are going to say life’s tough your child’s got to learn lesson if he got a job and he didn’t do what he was told he’d get fired so maybe he learned the lesson earlier in an easier way?”

Krankel said, “There always going to be consequences in life but take the correct consequences not negative ones that teach them harassment.”

She said the principal apologized to her, but she would only accept if he agreed not to do this again. She says he wouldn’t.  One parent thinks the principal needs to take classes on how to deal with hard headed kids. The other believes he should apologize to everyone involved. Neither thinks he should be fired.

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  • morrow

    Those brats had been told to do something that an adult teacher told them to do and instructed and warned them of the consequences, they didn’t do it and he delivered. The teacher is trying to get these brats to follow the rules. What is wrong with that. The article sure doesn’t mention anything about a parent getting on their child for not doing what the teacher said , and following the rules of the school. The one child Dalson said, he didn’t want to lock his locker because he doesn’t think he has to. Everyone of those children that were not in compliance and went telling mom and dad, ought to be made to run around the track a few times and given a set of school rules to learn. The parents should make them apologize to the school for causing a disturbance and giving this teacher a bad name for nothing but telling the to follow the school rules. What are they learning from the parent, how not to listen to the teacher and do what you want.

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