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Tech Report: January’s favorite gadgets

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(KPLR)  - Every month our tech guy is on the lookout for unique and useful gadgets he calls his favorite things. Rich Demuro is here with his finds for January.

This month I found a great line of phone cases that actually kill germs on your screen. Plus a speaker that`s so easy to use, you`ll think it`s magic.

My first favorite thing is a speaker that works like magic.

The ifrogz boost uses 'near field audio', no Bluetooth, wires or pairing necessary. All you do is place your phone on top, your tunes play instantly through its speakers.

You will not believe how easy it is, I`m not even going to try to explain how it works, 40 dollars, just add triple a batteries.

If your eyes are feeling strained after long days staring at the computer, try Gunnar`s.

What started out as eyewear for gamers has morphed into glasses we can all appreciate. The company says its special lenses reduce strain, we`re not eye experts. But both producer Jacob and I feel like they make a difference - and we were skeptical.

Available in prescription and non, clear and signature yellow tints, starting at 59 dollars.

I love being organizedand the Q-knot original helps me do it.

Unlike zip ties, twist ties, velcro and bands, Q-knots are made of re-usable rubber. It`s bendable, stretchable and comes in a bunch of sizes.

You will find a ton of techie uses for them, 6 bucks gets you twelve.

Finally, Nuevue Cases that clean your phone!

Microfiber inside is treated with antimicrobial protection, which lasts about a year and a half.

Your phone gets a wipedown when you slip it in or take it out, it`s 45 dollars, the only downside, when it`s outta the case, it`s unprotected.

Find more information about all of my favorite things for January on the website. It`s The Tech Report.TV.

I`m Rich Demuro, in day`s Tech Report.

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