St. Louis wants help finding potholes

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ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI) - Within the past three days, St. Louis temperatures have gone from the 50s down to the single digits. And with some snow in the mix, it’s a classic recipe for potholes.

Since January 10th, St. Louis crews have fixed 5,000 potholes.  But finding each and every problem spot can be a challenge, especially on side streets and alleys. That’s why the Mayor’s Office is making a push, asking anyone who sees a pothole to report it, and twitter is a quick and easy way to do that.

By tweeting the pothole’s location to the Citizens’ Service Bureau, dispatchers will quickly direct this feedback, as well as any other city concerns, to the appropriate department.  The CSB can also be contacted by phone (314-622-4800) or on its website, but Mayor Slay’s Communications Director, Maggie Crane, feels the fast, direct access that twitter provides is a great asset, especially with problems like potholes.

Crane explains, “We’re asking them to tweet to @stlcsb to let us know where those are. That way, if they’re driving along and come across a pothole, well, once they get to work or at their next stop light, they can fire off a quick tweet and let us know exactly where that pothole was so we can get a crew out there immediately to repair it.”

The Citizens’ Service Bureau is also on Facebook, but uses it more to blast information on anything from holiday trash schedules to community events and surveys, rather than field requests and complaints.

To report potholes:

Citizens' Service Bureau (CSB)