Pevely resident receives threatening letters over city meetings

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PEVELY, MO (KPLR) – A Pevely resident who has been outspoken at City Hall meetings has received two anonymous letters warning her she'd better stop her activism, or face the release of embarrassing emails.

"If they think they know something about me, than I would like to hear what it is,' said Erin Kasten. 'I am not afraid of that one bit at all.'

There seems to be very little Erin Kasten fears, especially when it comes to Pevely politics.

She comes from a politically active family and has lived in Jefferson County for many years.  She and her family moved to Pevely in September.

Kasten is not an office holder herself but has started a Facebook page called "Pevely 20/20," encouraging other concerned citizens to get involved with city government.

But now someone seems very concerned about her involvement.

On Friday, a letter was delivered to her office in St. Louis by U.S. Mail.  The contents were spelled out using words clipped from publications, similar to a Hollywood-style ransom note.

It reads:

"We have copies of sexually explicit emails that we don`t think you would like to be exposed to your family friends or the public. Back away from Pevely now."

The return address was that of Pevely's former City Hall. It was postmarked in Pevely on Thursday.

'I had a list of six people I thought could have sent it instantly,' Kasten said.

A second version of the note was mailed to her parents' home in Herculaneum, where her father is the City Administrator.

That copy had penciled-in at the bottom the additional line, 'or Don will get proof.'

Don is Erin`s husband. She says no such emails exist.

When asked if she thinks the letters were sent by any elected officials, Kasten said, 'no, but close.'

Kasten has been attending city meetings ever since construction of her new home began in April.

But her profile became more pronounced when she raised questions about the mayor charging the city for his wife's cell phone, and then about a failed attempt to fire the city administrator who discovered the bills.

While Kasten finds the threatening notes more annoying than scary, she thinks it's the letter writer who should be worried.

'If I could say something to the person who sent this it would be let`s see what it is you think you have to blackmail me with. I would love to watch you rack up the felonies.'

Kasten plans to attend the Pevely Board of Aldermen meeting Monday night to share the contents of the notes with officials and the public.

She has already shared the notes with law enforcement.

And says a concerned citizen has already come forward offering a $1,000 reward for information that leads to a conviction.

'I am not going to stop saying what I have to say,' Kasten said.

'It is just totally out of this world.'

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